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Marketing for The Environmental Action Network is a combination of achieving success in business and in working to save our Environment. To affect change, you have to possess the ability to back up your plans. By creating success in business, we are able to present ourselves from a strong financial standpoint. Live the motto: “If it’s going to be, it’s up to me!” Make it your determination to succeed in business by utilizing this system and likewise we will save our environment.

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"If it's going to be, it's up to me." That's how I feel about Humanitarian and Environmental issues. My friend Mark and I came to this mission with the attitude that someone better stand up and be counted or there will be no reason to market any product. Get informed, take action and become HUMANITARIAN AMBASSADORS.

Monday, November 20, 2006

The Greatest Loss Due to Failure in MLM

People jump out of one business and into another as if they are changing buses or trains on the way to work. This is the world of MLM.

When someone starts a traditional business venture (not referring to MLM or online businesses), they have a 95% chance of failure already stacked against them. With these odds, do you think they go into their venture ready to accept failure? Absolutely Not! They want this so badly but it is extremely difficult to get a traditional business off the ground.

Into the arena enters MLM and/or other online home based businesses. You see people jump in and out of business opportunities within weeks if not days and they are off to something new. What is the difference and why does it appear that failure is accepted in Multi Level Marketing? Think about this for a moment: The Greatest Loss Due to Failure in MLM is the Loss of Self Esteem.
It hurts when you have to admit failure. Your Pride is damaged and your ego is deflated. Am I right?

In MLM, it is easy to walk away and leave your money on the table. You will hear comments like: It didn't work for me, It's only $300, I didn't like the company, etc. We talked with a gentleman the other day that told us he was in this particular program for a year but hadn't started working it. He also did not take advantage of the company's product and we figured he already spent at least $2500.

Most people are not prepared to succeed in business. This is due to being trained to become an employee as opposed to an entrepreneur. We are so use to being told what to do and how to perform task that we do not know how to run our own business. I'm not referring to the day-to-day management of our business as much as the mental mindset of being our own boss.

When we fail to achieve instant success as we hear from the leaders in our industry, we begin to back off until we are no longer working the business. Eventually our business falls apart or just fails to thrive and we go off to find something new. With each failure, we walk away sooner and we put in less effort than we did previously. This is how we protect our ego. We treat our online activities as if it were a game.

It is time to move on and stop playing games. There are 3 things you need to do.

1. Identify your goals and determine if your opportunity will help you meet these goals.

2. Find a marketing system that will work to effectively market your business opportunity.

3. This is the most important item! You need to constantly work on the most important part of this system- You! You have to constantly work on developing yourself professionally and emotionally.

Most people do not fine-tune their goals (frankly, I'm weak in this area as well). Your business opportunity has to be a fit for your goals. Is it possible for your business opportunity to meet your financial goals through your compensation plan? Is this realistic?

Is your marketing system effective for your business opportunity? There are as many marketing plans, systems, methods and programs as there are business opportunities. Be very careful with your marketing efforts and expenses. Before you spend your energy (time) or money, make sure the marketing makes sense.

Most people that attend Business Colleges will study for 4 or more years just to go and work for a company as a business manager. What makes you believe you will be an instant overnight success as an entrepreneur when your only training is by the seat of your pants? I remember a mentor once stating, "I can tell you how successful a person is by the books he/she has read." If you are not listening to successful people or reading positive mental attitude books, what are you doing to improve yourself?

One of my favorite authors is Napoleon Hill. Of his many books, "The Master Key to Riches" often comes to mind in a discussion of improving one's mental strengths. I will leave you with a summation of the Master Mind Principle from Napoleon Hill:

Through the application of this principle one begins to experience a new and a greater sense of power which is not available to the individual mind, as it bridges one’s personal deficiencies and provides him, when necessary, with any portion of the combined knowledge of mankind which has been accumulated down through the ages.

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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Don’t Sell Me, Give Me Benefits

I’m trying to market my business but all I ever get is offers to join other businesses. This is a common complaint we see and hear from others that are trying to market their online business. This is why we tell people NOT to market their businesses directly. You may not hear it directly but your prospects are saying, Don’t Sell Me, Give Me Benefits.

If you do not understand this or have this as an option, then you need to seriously consider how you are making your offer to your prospects. What are your options when you market your home based business? Who are you marketing to? Do you sort your prospects? Can you make money whether your prospect says yes or no?

When I read your email, what are you offering me, your prospect, which will be a benefit to me? When I see a very good advertisement, I measure how good the ad is by what benefit is being offered to me. To give you an example, there are a lot of cars in the $20K price range and there are a lot of cars in the $30K price range. Why would anyone pay $10K more for one car than the other for it to take you from point A to point B? A car in the $30K price range may have more safety features such as anti-lock brakes that would provide for a safer ride for my family. It may have independent suspension for a smoother ride making my trips more comfortable.

Most of us are marketing to people that have a problem. That problem is they are already in another home based business and your business opportunity doesn’t look better than theirs anyway. In addition to this, if they join your business opportunity, they still have the same problem they had before. THEY DON’T KNOW HOW TO MARKET!

When I read your email, here is what I should see. A SOLUTION TO MY PROBLEM.

I call this Solution Marketing. You are providing me a solution with my marketing problems. If I’m in a home based business and I need prospects, when I read your email and you offer me a solution, then you have a prospect. I am NOT a prospect unless your offer matches my needs. This is the importance of sorting your prospects. You can not afford to waste your time on people that are suspects for wanting to own their own home based business.

Providing a solution to other online marketers prospecting needs may not be what you had in mind but this will help your business grow faster and be profitable sooner. People that are using this method of marketing their business are quickly becoming more successful in their home based businesses because they are NOT running out of money before their business turns a profit. Many marketers drop out of their business before success settles in because they can not afford to continue to market without a quick profit.

We call our marketing system a Funded Sponsoring Franchise System. If you first show people how to succeed online, they will be more willing to look at your primary business opportunity. Even if they are not interested in your primary home based business, by helping them to become successful, you can make a profit.

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Monday, October 30, 2006

Why am I Paying Money in a Free System?

You and I have been around the block a few times and we know that free will cost you something sometime!

You look at the advertising that is pointed your way and half of the ads are trying to give you something for free. Immediately, when I see this, I’m asking how much is this going to cost me. Isn’t this what come to mind for you as well? I don’t know about you but I know there is no free lunch.

When you think of marketing online, the same holds true. With all the free marketing tools and sites and free classified ad site, free traffic exchanges and free this and that, do you believe me when I say free has a price tag? FREE ADVERTISING ONLINE WILL COST YOU TIME EVEN IF YOU DO NOT PAY OUT ANY MONEY.

I’m going to show you a free marketing system today then I will discuss some of the costs of this system. Before I do this, however, I want to be sure not to waste your time. If you do not have a desire to succeed with your home based business or you are not willing to follow a detailed marketing plan to assure your success, this is not for you. I’m not going to go into detail on the exact costs of this marketing plan because this will be your assignment. I assure you, I have no intention of standing over your shoulder to check on your progress, that is the responsibility of your boss at the job you have now. One last comment before we begin. Is it worth a few hundred dollars and a few of your spare hours to own your own franchise that can earn you the incomes that you can derive from a fast food franchise without having to hire and supervise a bunch of unmotivated teenagers?

If you are still with me, let’s talk about the most effective way of marketing your business on the internet. I am assuming that each person reading this information has their own home based business and they are looking for more effective ways to market online. If you don’t, you will have the opportunity to learn how to identify the right business for you to get involved with. (And guess what, It might not even be mine!) I’m going to introduce you to the Funded Sponsoring Franchise System.

Franchises are nothing more than Funded Proposals. I heard a comment from someone that Subway Sandwiches is no longer in the Sandwich business! Yes, they sell sandwiches and plenty of them but they moved into the Diet business. They didn’t change their product but they changed your buying habits through a marketing campaign. Let me give you another example that you can really sink your teeth into. The hamburger franchises such as Mc Donalds, Burger King and Wendy’s sell millions of hamburgers around the world and are know for their hamburgers. The hamburger is their funded proposal and they make enough to bring you in the door. Their profit is in their French fries and drinks.

You have a product that you need to get in front of the right people so your business can grow. Years ago, I was downline from someone that was spending $5,000.00 a month on advertising in one particular program. She did this out of profit. However, a lot of people in her business did not see this success and were paying hundreds of dollars out per month on advertising and it was not working. We are going to talk about a system that will take away that frustration.

With the Funded Sponsoring Franchise System, your primary purpose is not to introduce your prospects to your primary business but to first show them how to succeed online. Remember most people you will run across with your advertising will already be involved in their own home based business. While you are looking for the right qualified prospects for your business, you can still be making money helping others to succeed. The last few statements may seem strange but if you don’t help them, someone else will or they will just be another failure on the internet. If (When) you help them, you will create a small profit and you will gain a friend in the internet business.

I know you are waiting for me to hit you with some cost statements! I know, the system is free, right? Here is a question that will be on your mind. Why am I Paying Money in a Free System? Here is why. The Funded Sponsoring Franchise System is free. What you are paying for is the Funded components (at your option) of the program. The founders of the system provided the entire system for free, the website, the training calls and etc. If you find this anywhere else, you will have to pay for it at least in membership fees or in another form.

The components of the system (the hamburgers) are going to cost you money upfront until you have paying customers. When you have enough customers (to buy your hamburgers), you will have enough profit to cover the cost of your advertising and start bringing people into your primary business (drinks and fries). Would you pay $200-$300 to own a Marketing Franchise that you could apply to any descent network marketing company? I already said I wouldn’t be specific on costs because everyone is different and everyone has different circumstances. The costs involved in the system are optional but it is the component that makes this system so effective.

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Saturday, October 28, 2006

Be Successful, Franchise Marketing System

This article is one of several articles that I have written specifically about this Marketing System. We have talked about the term: Funded Marketing Sponsoring System. We are going to go one step further and use the term: Funded Sponsoring Franchise System.

At this point after all these articles, why the change in terminology? Here’s the point. Most of you reading these articles are not new to internet marketing. You have a certain mental image if I use terms such as: marketing, internet marketing, sponsoring, home based business, online business promotion, lead generation and etc. If I say the term: Franchise, what is your mental image? Most people immediately think of McDonald’s, Wendy’s, Burger King, Taco Bell and etc. In this article, I hope to draw some parallels between Internet Marketing and the Franchise System. You also need to keep in mind that most marketing systems are not a Franchise System. You also need to be able to recognize the difference.

First we are going to discuss why a Franchise is important to our marketing pursuits. Then we are going to discuss the terminology of the Funded Sponsoring Franchise System. I like to think of a Franchise as a business in a box. (In the case of a Franchise, it is a very big box.) A Franchise is a complete business. As a Franchise owner for the typical franchise, you are purchasing a business that comes complete with a fully developed marketing plan, operation plan and training program. If, for example, you were to purchase a McDonald’s Restaurant, do you think you would fail if you followed their training program? Do you think your Restaurant is in the best location because of their research work? Unless you go out of your way, it is hardly unlikely you will fail with a McDonald’s Restaurant Franchise. (We will get back to this point later.)

Are there internet marketing franchise systems available online today? Of course there are and there are several of them. But, NOT ALL SYSTEMS ARE CREATED EQUAL! There are marketing systems and there are Franchise marketing systems. Some of the marketing systems are no more than a listing of internet marketing resources. With these systems, it is up to you to EXPERIMENT (with your money) and find out what works and what does not. The problem with this is that you might throw away a perfectly good resource saying it does not work but you missed a critical step when setting it up.

A Franchise Marketing System will not only provide you with internet marketing resources but will also show you how to use them. With a Franchise Marketing System, you should expect a detailed plan on how to market your business. This plan should include resources that have a track record for producing results and instructions on how to best utilize these tools. You can expect to pay a monthly cost for the use of this Franchise Marketing System. (I know of only one that does not charge you for the system.)

If you take internet marketing and divide it into stages, you would have the following 3 stages.
1. General Internet Marketing
2. Internet Marketing Systems
3. Franchise Marketing System

We are going to give you one more stage but it actually is part of stage 3. This is the Funded Sponsoring Franchise System. Before we get to this, I want you to understand what these stages represent.

GENERAL INTERNET MARKETING- You will run across this when you sign up with most companies. They will brag about all the marketing tools and resources they have in their backroom for you to be successful marketing your business. (Most home business owners believe this and this is why they fail. Tools and resources alone are not enough.)

INTERNET MARKETING SYSTEMS- You will see a lot of these marketing systems coming at you through emails from you upline sponsor when you sign up in their business. They will send you all the tools they use (that they have signed up at the Pro level) so you can sign up under them and do the same when you sign up your recruits. Since you never learned how to bring recruits into your business, you basically spend too much money then leave the business trying to find one that works!

FRANCHISE MARKETING SYSTEM- Often, you will see a Franchise Marketing System coming from some of the top marketers that are using not only the tools and resources but they also know you need training and support to make it work. (This is really getting close to where we want to be.)

FUNDED SPONSORING FRANCHISE SYSTEM- We went all the way around the block to get here but we finally made it. Sometimes it is important to see what we don’t want before we can recognize what we do want. Marketing in general WILL COST YOU MONEY! There should be no surprise in that statement. Yes there are FREE MARKETING tools online that you can use but to be successful, you will spend some money on advertising. Here is the twist. When we talk about a FUNDED SPONSORING FRANCHISE SYSTEM, we are talking about covering the costs of your advertising dollars and Funding your advertising costs.

Remember, I said I would get back to this: Unless you go out of your way, it is hardly unlikely you will fail with a McDonald’s Restaurant Franchise. With the right system, you will succeed if and when you decide to succeed. I say that because it is just like owning a restaurant or hotel franchise and closing for weekends. Many of us have multi-million dollar businesses that we have sat on because it only cost a few hundred dollars to own our home business. If we bought a Franchise like a Subway Sandwich Shop, would we market for it if we felt like it this week or abandon the Franchise Marketing Plan.

At some point, we will have to talk about the cost of your Funded Sponsoring Franchise System. You will see how this is the most cost effective way to market online. Right now, just to wrap up, I want to leave you with some background information that I shared in one of the first articles in this series related to Funded Proposals.

I was first introduced to this concept many years ago but unfortunately, I did not see how it would fit into a Network Marketing concept. Two of the top internet marketer I had spoken with at various times about how they covered their costs of advertising with this concept. They were using the internet for direct selling and I really did not see how to use this concept for Network Marketing because of this. What they would do is sell a product for $8- $10 but not more than $20. This would generally be an information product that they could deliver over the internet after the purchase is completed. The product would have to have a broad appeal. They would use their marketing resources to advertising this product sometimes costing them thousands of dollars in advertising. (They also knew their resources well! Hint! ! ! ) The entire cost of their advertising was covered by the sales that resulted from this campaign.

Now, pay close attention and you will be quizzed later.

If I told you nothing more, you would think these guys were nuts! They would spend thousands of dollars just to break even! NO, they received very, very, very targeted leads and covered their cost of obtaining them! Now these customers have a relationship with them and they are SATISFIED CUSTOMERS! (HINT!) Now the marketer knows what their customers want and they have virtually no cost selling to them. And what about the SATISFIED CUSTOMERS that the Marketing Gurus continued to sell to.

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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Make Money Online by Sorting Your Prospects

Marketing is a sorting process. When you use a Funded Marketing Sponsoring System, your primary objection is not necessarily to recruit members into your primary business. This may be hard to swallow at times. Your primary task is to show how the marketing system will assist the prospect solve their problem. That first task is to show them how to make money online. (Period) Marketing your primary business opportunity is actually the third step. (I hope this doesn’t scare you!)

You see, marketing should be like recruiting a new employee for a corporate job. Let’s say a big corporation in your city is hiring a half dozen entry level positions and 2 upper managers. They may list the jobs in the local newspapers but they probably will also list the upper manager positions in trade publications and business journals. The entry level positions might be open to accept applications for 2 weeks and the upper management positions may list their openings for 2 months. These are 2 different positions and they are handled in 2 different hiring plans.

I could go on but you get the idea. When you are looking to “recruit” into your own home based business, you are also going to sort when you use the “Funded Marketing Sponsoring System”. First, you are going to invite your “Suspects” (remember, they are not yet “Prospect”) to look at your marketing system. They are “Suspects” because you suspect they might want to be involved in a home based business or are involved with one. After they look at your system, they either raise their hand and say they want more information, sign up or they move on. Just like the hiring team for the corporation, they will not contact everyone that places their application just the ones that qualify.

At this point, they have only passed the first test and they have no idea what your primary business opportunity is. That first test is this: Do they want to make money online? You don’t want to waste your time with “suspects” that expect you to talk them into a desire to make money! Either they want to make money or they don’t.

In the article, (“How To Make Money Online Marketing to Prospects and the Competition”), I mentioned there will be more information related to some points expressed in that article that would be clarified further in this article. One of those items is from this statement: (The first is to help them start a home based business that will assist them in fulfilling financial goals. The second is to solve a problem for our prospects that the products or services of our home based business can remedy for them.) When offering the “Funded Marketing Sponsoring System” to a prospect, we have to offer them assistance building a home based business then communicate about our own home based business second and not in the reverse order.

This is where it gets a little foggy as I mentioned in the previous article so stay close as I attempt to clarify the waters. This is where we are going to look at 2 methods of online marketing and 1 method of offline marketing using the “Funded Marketing Sponsoring System”. They are as follows:

1. Online method #1: Solution Marketing #1a- Using the Funded Marketing Sponsoring System to build our primary business opportunity.
2. Online method #2: Solution Marketing #2- Using the Funded Marketing Sponsoring System to MARKET TO YOUR COMPETITION.
3. Offline method #1: Solution Marketing #1b Using the Funded Marketing Sponsoring System to build our primary business opportunity.

To be effective, you have to run a solution based advertising campaign. We have talked about this in the past but you have to solve a problem and your “suspect” becomes a “prospect”. In Online method #1 and Offline method #1 above, you are concentrating your efforts on placing your advertisement where prospective home based business seekers are looking for business opportunities. You are offering them a marketing system and showing them how they can quickly make money so they can cover the costs of their advertising. (Remember, you are providing solutions and the first solution is to eliminate their costs as soon as possible and start making a profit.) In these 2 marketing methods, you will be showing your prospects the marketing system then your primary business opportunity.

In Online method #2, you are marketing in areas where you expect to find other home based business owners. You are sharing a marketing system with them and demonstrating how they can be making money sooner (to cover their business costs) and they can “expose” their business opportunities to more prospects. With this method, you might also find prospects for your primary business. (Just a side note, most people marketing on the internet use this to “directly” market their business and most people fail.)

Here is a specific note on Offline method #1. Through the training, you will learn how to develop advertising campaigns and “test” them. It is far better to develop the advertising campaigns and test them online before placing them offline. The reason is because of the costs of offline advertising and the way you can advertise online by paying for your results. (This is another article in itself and I do not know the timeframe of this article, sorry.)

Learn to Turn Your Suspects Into Prospects
With the right marketing system, your prospects call you and/or pay you even if they don’t join your business.

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Friday, October 20, 2006

How To Make Money Online Marketing to Prospects and the Competition

When you prepare to market your online business, you often envision placing your advertising in front of endless streams of prospects waiting for those to step forward and enroll in your business. Unfortunately for you, those endless lines of prospects are also waiting for you to enroll in their online business.

Remember what advertising is all about: "Find a Need and Fill It!" We often lose track of the purpose of our online advertising (and off line advertising as well). STOP SELLING PRODUCTS AND SERVICES, SELL SOLUTIONS AND BENEFITS!

We are going to address 2 aspects of internet marketing in this article and one of offline marketing. In my last article, ("Make Money Online When They Say Yes or No"), I promised to discuss marketing in "both directions". (Be sure to find this article on my marketing blog if you haven’t already read it.) By "marketing in both directions", I’m referring to marketing to enroll people in your primary business as well as enroll new signups in your marketing system. The marketing system that I am referring to is the "Funded Marketing Sponsoring System". Again, I will refer you to my blog to read the article that discusses the need for this type of system: ("Why is Directly Marketing Your Online Business Wasting Time and Money")

For the purposes of this article, let’s wrap together Solutions and Benefits (the concepts we are selling) into the term: "Solution Marketing". We have 2 Solutions to fulfill in the process of marketing our home based business.
1. We are marketing a solution for our prospects that our product our service of our primary business can fulfill.
2. We are marketing a solution for our prospects (that are not interested in our home based business and are engaged in their own) that our marketing system can fulfill.

These are 2 totally different directions and 2 different marketing plans that we will use the same "Funded Marketing Sponsoring System" to provide the 2 solutions for. As mentioned before (We are going to address 2 aspects of internet marketing in this article and one of offline marketing.), we will combine these aspects and marketing plans into this discussion.

Solution Marketing #1- Using the Funded Marketing Sponsoring System to build our primary business opportunity.

When we are marketing to build our own business opportunity, there are 2 problems that we want to solve for our prospects. The first is the help them start a home based business that will assist them in fulfilling financial goals. The second is to solve a problem for our prospects that the products or services of our home based business can remedy for them. To give you an example, if you are marketing a nutritional business, you would specify how the products would benefit their health or help them with weight problems.

Some of this is a little foggy but it will be further refined in another article that will be published soon. The next article will assist your understanding of the order related to this marketing system. That article is: ("Make Money Online by Sorting Your Prospects")

In Solution Marketing #1, we will market this online with advertising campaigns designed to target prospects that are specifically looking to join a home based business opportunity. These advertising campaigns will be directed to advertising methods such as search engine advertising and ezine advertising in ezines that focus on new people to the make money online crowd.

Solution Marketing #2- Using the Funded Marketing Sponsoring System to MARKET TO YOUR COMPETITION. The goal really isn’t to "market to your competition", but to "sort" your prospects. This will be better explained in the article: ("Make Money Online by Sorting Your Prospects"). Just for the sake of a basic understanding, you are separating the tire-kickers from the car buyers.

This is the most important reason for using the "Funded Marketing Sponsoring System". When your prospect looks at your marketing system, "IF" they see the potential, they will use the system regardless of whether or not they join your business opportunity. The "SYSTEM" is designed to market any business and offset the cost of advertising your primary business opportunity. The "SOLUTION" you offer your prospect is "How to Successfully Market Online and to Make Money Online whether or not your prospect joins your primary business opportunity.

This is a win/win situation for you and your prospect. When you help your prospect make money in his/her own home based business, if they have a problem that your products and services can solve for them, who are they going to call?

Learn to Turn Your Suspects Into Prospects
With the right marketing system, your prospects call you and/or pay you even if they don’t join your business.

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Make Money Online When They Say Yes or No

This is kind of confusing for some people but it shouldn’t be. It is very obvious why people will sign up if they say yes but it isn’t as obvious why they would sign up if they said NO. Let me give you this example. You are asked by someone that has plenty of money, If they offered you $250 thousand dollars, would you jump out of his airplane for that sum without a parachute? The obvious answer you give is an emphatic: NO WAY! If you had said YES, I WOULD, you would be walking around with $250,000.00 in your pocket! We often fail to ask for the details with something that seems so outlandish. You see, the plane was parked on the runway and all you had to do is jump from the door to the runway.

Let’s look at the details of what we offer people that we are marketing to. If you directly market your Home Based Business online, you are pushing your stalled car uphill. You might get it into the gas station 3 blocks away but it may take some time. (There is another gas station ½ block behind you, which is downhill.)

If I were to offer you a way to make money marketing your online business thru a “Funded Marketing Sponsoring System” that will make money for you whether or not your prospects were interested in your primary business would this be of interest to you? If you said no and you are directly marketing your home based business online, I hope you have a lot of money! The obvious answer is to say, “I want to take a look at this”. Why would you want to take a look at this? There is a benefit to you and we need to sell benefits and solutions online. (No matter what the product is.) We are so wrapped up in the features of our products that we forget people want to know what it will do for me.

Here is the Benefit of the “Funded Marketing Sponsoring System”. When you share this system with others, many of those prospects will not be interested at all in your primary business opportunity. Many of these prospects are searching for a “solution” to their marketing failure. The Marketing System is that solution. As they begin to use it to market their own online business opportunity, you earn some additional revenue. Hence, you solve their problem marketing their business and you make money. This money can and should be used to “FUND” your advertising campaigns.

The next article to follow this: (“How To Make Money Online Marketing to Prospects and the Competition”), will demonstrate how to “split” your advertising to market for your primary home based business as well as deriving the benefits from marketing to your competition. So far, we have really addressed marketing to your competition, which is what you primarily do when marketing online. In the next article, you will see how to market in both directions while using the “Funded Marketing Sponsoring System”

Be sure to watch for this article in my marketing blog.

Learn to Turn Your Suspects Into Prospects
With the right marketing system, your prospects call you and/or pay you even if they don’t join your business.

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